Compact, portable, all-inclusive, and easy to use. Single lever operation and 100% vertical compression make RTI’s mechanical test press fixtures an ideal solution for PCB, hybrid module, and high pin count device-level testing when complex test requirements cannot be met with a test socket and breakout board alone.


Test press fixtures consist of a universal test press base and an interchangeable interface module. Our mechanically actuated press bases range in size from 5.5 inches to 20+ inches wide to fit on your benchtop while containing all components required in your test setup. The final fixture footprint may vary based on customer requirements, interface module size, and test press selection.

Design Test Press Fixtures to Your Test Needs

Our test press fixtures are developed to be fully integrated test solutions that are ready for use as soon as they are received. You won’t face “Some assembly required” or “batteries not included” when working with RTI to develop a test press fixture solution.

Test press fixtures consist of a standalone base that is sized to your application and a removable interface module that manages all electrical interconnects incorporated into the working solution and aligns the unit under test (UUT) to the test points.

Common Press Bases

mechanical test fixtures bases

Test press fixture bases use robust stainless steel and ball-bearing linear guides for smooth vertical compression. This ensures consistent, repeatable, and reliable test results while preventing damage to the UUT or test probes during use.

Smaller test fixtures utilize a combination of clamshell and vertical guide designs while larger test fixtures are fully vertical.

Small mechanical test fixtures lid stages

Open Position

The lid sits at a 50˚ angle when the press is in the open state, giving the operator ample room to load and unload UUT(s) between test. The height of the interface module and length of standoffs on the lid impact this working area.

Resting Position

As the lever is pulled to close the lid, it first comes to rest in a horizontal position parallel to the baseplate. The standoffs installed on the lid sit above the UUT(s) without making contact and the UUT does not engage with the pogo pins.

Closed Position

As the lever is fully engaged, the lid travels 0.34” vertically on linear bearings to bring the fixture into a closed “test” position. This vertical travel applies even compression force across the UUT as the pogo pins are engaged.

Bed-of-Nails Interface Modules

Removable interface modules are the heart of the test fixture. They are responsible for fine alignment of UUT(s) at device loading, provide electrical contact to the bottom side of the UUTs during test, and include custom wiring or an adapter board to route signals to your test interface of choice.

mechanical test fixture interface modules

A floating tray on the interface module holds and aligns the UUT(s) in a test-ready position above a bed-of-nails pogo pin array. Linear bearings with coiled springs on the interface module guide the floating plate and UUT(s) onto the pins as the fixture reaches test position. Floating trays on the interface module can also be swapped out if there are changes made to the UUT’s during the test process, eliminating the need to purchase entirely new modules for every iteration of a product design.

Complete Mechanical Test Press Fixtures Overview

mechanical test fixtures overview

Types of DUTs

  • PCB modules and PCB Sub-assemblies
  • Wearable and Implantable Medical Devices
  • 5G, BLE, NFC, and other wireless TxRx devices
  • Glass panel and touch sensors
  • Gas, temperature, and pressure sensors
  • Mechanically functioning assemblies
  • Final assemblies with unconventional footprints

Suggested Use/Applications

  • Programming devices installed on a PCB module
  • Mid-volume engineering test of individual or panel PCBs
  • Functional Test of sub-assemblies
  • Final Test of complete products
  • RF Shielded test environment
  • Temperature controlled environment

Additional Design Options

  • Single or Multiple test sites depending on UUT size
  • Device pitches down to 0.6mm pitch centers
  • Inclusion of driver components and test hardware
  • Signal routing to connectors or test interface of choice
  • Easily swapped out of reusable test fixture base
  • Tight tolerance CNC manufacturing
  • Test areas extend beyond the edges of the test press fixture base

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    Design & Concept Gallery


    PCB Test Fixtures

    High-performance at a compact scale, our PCB test fixtures are built for singular and panelized PCB testing. Fixtures align and contact test points on your UUT(s) then route signals out to connectors of your choice.

    Mechanical Test Press Fixtures

    Manual or pneumatic presses for PCB, hybrid module, and device-level testing. Single-site or multi-site configurations offer rapid device loading and unloading. Test Presses ensure evenly distributed vertical compression force is applied to the UUT.


    When a more customized test solution is required to meet your applications, device(s) and requirements. For PCB-based subassemblies and complex components.

    950 Series Test Fixture

    950 Series is capable of testing topside and backside, including micro-probing, backside emission microscopy, heated sockets for temperature testing, and curve tracing.

    Remote Docking

    Cable based interfaces that sit between your tester and your DUT board allowing you greater flexibility in where your DUT sits on your bench. Ideal for failure analysis, fault localization, or for use under a microscope.

    custom pogo pin blocks

    Pogo Pin Blocks

    Breakout test fixtures typically include a test socket and DUT board that route signals from your DUT to a connector or interface of choice. Transform your dedicated DUT board into a universal motherboard-daughterboard solution with pogo pin blocks that provide a board to board interface.


    Robson Technologies, Inc. interconnects, fixtures and systems are carefully designed, manufactured, inspected, and individually tested prior to shipment. In the unlikely case you find a defect in materials or workmanship, we will promptly repair or replace the component.


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