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MultiTrace (up to 625 pins)

The MultiTrace is a mid-size, scalable model optimized for users with a wider range of pin counts from 216 to 625 pins and includes the PGA-625 fixture box as a standard interface. Other Fixture Options are also available for maximum flexibility and compatibility with your DUT Boards.

MultiTrace Features

  • Benchtop Form Factor fits on half of a typical lab bench
  • Supports Pin Count from 216 to 625 pins
  • 216, 324, 432 and 625 pin configurations are popular (other sizes available)
  • Supports 2, 4, and 6 bus standard configurations
  • 2 bus, 1080 pin and 2196 pin versions available in Desktop MultiTrace
  • Many Fixtures available including
    • PGA-625 ZIF Socket with Jumper Matrix
    • Verifier 256 and 512 DUT Boards
    • OctoPogo 1152 pin Fixture
    • 384 pin Pogo base (using 4 Yamaichi Cables)
    • A variety of Cable Only connection systems (IDC or Yamaichi)
    • Custom Fixtures to meet your particular needs
  • Fixtures include access to all drives and measurement nodes by way of Banana Jacks
  • Most Configurations are Upgradable
  • Remote cable available for interface with Microscope for Fault Localization methods

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