multi-site panel test fixtureThis pneumatically actuated 180 site test fixture is designed for pressure and temperature testing of a panel PCB. This MicroPressure Sensor Panel includes a standard RTI 755 series fixture base and temperature and pressure-controlled lid.

Each test site has its own stand-off peg in the lid, designed to interact with the pressure sensor on the DUT. The PCB panel is aligned to the test head using three alignment pegs. The testbed includes two rings of gaskets to ensure an air-tight seal during use. This production test fixture is designed for calibration purposes, measurable at each test site.

Multi-Site Panel Fixture Press Requirements:

Multi-site panel test fixture for PCB panel testing. The pneumatic cylinder is to be centered over the DUT PCBA. The diameter of the cylinder is 60mm and the stroke length is 150mm. The robust linear bearing shaft diameter is 25mm minimum. The bridge and support structures support 400 pounds of force and can be used over 250,000+ cycles. Mounting hole centers on multiples of 25mm. Width, depth, and height are not to exceed 18.5”x12”x24”.

Design Features:

  • Cylinder centered over DUT for even pressure and secure seal
  • Custom test areas and test heads to accommodate larger panels
  • Test temperature and pressure simultaneously
  • Cylinder/Lid locks in the up position when not in use
  • Custom pin loading available

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