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Multi-Site & Strip Sockets

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    A four (4) site test arrayed test socket and clip-on removable lid for leadless packages

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    An eight (8) site strip socket ideal for pick and place or tray based auto-handler applications

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    RTI ten (64) site burn-in test sockets and clip on lids to maximize real estate on your DUT boards are value driven solutions for SMT devices
RTI Makes test sockets that can hold more than one device.  These Multi-Site sockets maximize value by reducing the cost per test site and reducing the real estate of your DUT boards.

Test Socket Features:

  • Ideal for pick-and-place auto-handlers
  • Ideal for Burn-In and HAST testing applications
  • Reduce cost of test by using a single socket to accept multiple devices simultaneously
  • Test, characterize, or program multiple devices simultaneously 
  • Improve throughput - test more devices per cycle
  • Either in-line or array based DUT locations centered to meet your needs

Take your testing further with RTI’s multi-site and strip sockets; ideal for Burn-In, HAST, and pick-and-place auto-handler applications.  RTI provides customized test sockets that can accept 16 or more devices in a single socket footprint, depending on the size and pin count of your devices.  For large volume testing, a multi-site socket can reduce the overall number of test sockets and DUT boards required to meet your throughput.

Maximize the real estate and capabilities of your DUT board with the added advantage of more test sites in a small footprint allowing you to test or program large volumes of devices simultaneously.  Consider the lifespan of a single site test socket that needs repair or replacement after a certain number of test cycles.  Then consider the longevity of a multi-site test socket if the same number of insertions is distributed across multiple test sites.  With reduced wear per test site to test the same volume of parts, your testing uptime and throughput can be greatly improved. 

Multi-site test sockets are also available to accept more than one device footprint.  A single test socket can be used to test a family of devices which differ in size, pitch, and pin count.  Reduce your cost per socket and order a customized multi-site test socket from RTI, available with a variety of lid options, contact sets, and high-performance materials to meet your electrical and mechanical demands! 

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