Mid-sized curve tracer with flexible pin range from 216-1152 pins, with 625 pins being the most popular configuration.

MultiTrace System Components

Each curve trace model has a different system setup based on your device’s pin count. For the MultiTrace, the model’s system is comprised of a few separate pieces.

MultiTrace Automated Curve Tracer

The MultiTrace curve tracer is a mid-sized benchtop model supporting pin counts from 216 to 1152 pins and includes the PGA-625 fixture as a standard interface. It utilizes the same MultiTrace software applications and boasts an economic footprint for benchtop testing environment. Every MultiTrace is shipped with an LCD monitor, industrial controller running the MultiTrace Software Suite, and the most recent Windows version.

The MultiTrace is an automated curve trace system used for unpowered and powered curve tracing, multiple testing configurations, and capabilities. Click here to learn more about our configurations.

Test chassis of the MultiTrace

Test chassis

The MultiTrace Curve Tracer has an expandable architecture.  A basic MultiTrace system consists of at least one test chassis containing a switch card and power supply but can be assembled in different configurations to address higher pin counts and improved functionality.

The basic hardware components inside of a test chassis:

  • 4 SMUs (2 precision drives, 1 HV drive and 1 power drive)
  • Switch Card(s)
  • Power Supply (Multiple Output)
  • Motherboard (Makes analog and digital connections between boards)
  • Transmitter / Receiver board set (2 boards min)
  • Dimensions:  20.5inx16.5inx6in

Test Applications

  • Failure analysis
  • Reliability testing
  • Counterfeit device analysis
  • Nondestructive electrical counterfeit test
  • Opens, shorts leakage testing (OSL)
  • Post decap electrical inspection
  • Optical fault localization
  • ESD testing
  • Latch-up testing
  • Supply current measurements
  • And more!

Additional Features

  • Economic form fits on half a typical lab bench
  • 216, 324, 432, 625 and 1152 pin configurations
  • Supports up to 6 bus configurations
  • Fixtures have access to all drives and measurements via banana jacks
  • Most configurations are upgradable
  • Remote cable available for interface with a microscope

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    MultiTrace Test Fixture Boxes

    PGA-625 Fixture DUT Boards

    1152 OctoPogo DUT Boards


    MT Century

    Compact automated curve tracer that supports devices up to 96/100/108 pins.


    Mid-sized curve tracer with flexible pin range from 216-1152 pins, with 625 pins being the most popular configuration.


    Largest curve tracer built for devices and packages with large pin counts, up to 2160 pins.

    MultiTrace Suite

    Feature-rich software with powerful analytical, ease of use, and efficiency tools that work together to operate our curve tracers and analyze the results.

    DataTrace Pro

    Ultimate curve trace software that compiles data, generate professional reports and charts, and batch compares your data against other files.

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