(1/6/2021) A new version of the MultiTrace is available now. Version 5.8.x contains a new software patch restoring normal function to the MultiTrace software. This is a significant change to underlying code, thanks to ongoing development for the new generation of DataTrace, we were able to quickly implement a fix and roll out this new version before many customers have been affected. Customers under warranty or who are active in the RTI Software update program may receive this version now for no cost. Other customers are asked to purchase a software update subscription to be eligible for updates, please contact RTI for a download link or to obtain a quotation for the software update.


A bug in a recent Windows update “Windows 10 feature update version 2004” affects all versions of the MultiTrace software. A function required by StdTrace to acquire data has stopped working, it seems like a variable is not reset and the function only works once.

Specifically, when configuring a test using MTForms, the test will run one time normally but then the test will not run again until the MultiTrace software is restarted. Running a test, a second time will result in loss of the first set of curves collected.

Who is affected?

  • ALL Users with Windows 10 who keep their computers up to date
  • ALL versions of the MultiTrace software
  • Win 10 controllers connected to MultiTrace or MegaTrace hardware
  • Win 10 users offline use for training
  • Win 10 controllers that receive updates pushed from internal IT organizations
  • Win 10 controllers that update over the internet

Who is not affected?

  • Controllers not connected to the internet or that do not receive windows updates
  • Controllers running any version of Windows 7
  • Personal Computers and workstations used for analyzing curves offline

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  • Enter your S/N and configuration if you know it
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What to do If I have not installed this update yet?

  • Block Windows 10 updates for at least 30 days (manually)
  • Check RTI website before allowing windows updates to resume
  • Do not “Check for updates now” if you do, note the version it wants to install; if it is Version 2004 stop and press cancel.
  • Do not install any “Optional” windows updates especially preview versions
  • You may install version 1903 or 1909 or updates to these versions if you need to comply with IT regulations or to resolve problems that those versions address.
  • Contact your organizations IT department with this information
  • RTI recommends you create a recovery drive with a working configuration now

What to do if I have already installed this update?

  • Contact RTI to obtain the latest version of the MultiTrace Software Version 5.8 or higher
  • Contact RTI for advice and the latest information
  • Revert to the last version using Windows built-in restore tools right away
  • You may have limited time to do this or the change will become permanent
  • Reinstall Windows 10 from a saved image
  • https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12415/windows-10-recovery-options

What else should I know?

  • RTI is working to identify the bug and update programs but a cause or fix has not been identified yet
  • When a fixed version is available, it will be distributed to members of the software subscription immediately.
  • Other customers must purchase the annual software subscription or make their current to get updates. Please contact RTI for a quotation.
  • Please sign up for a mailing list for updates related to this bug
  • Microsoft may or may not fix this in the OS, RTI will test against each build of this release to check for changes and post any news here.

Additional Information:

At the time of writing, Windows 10 feature update version 2004 is optional and Microsoft is rolling it out slowly to customers using AI to decide who gets it. Optional means it will not appear as an automatic update with a reboot required but requires the user to first go to the update section of settings and presses the “check for updates now” button at which time, this version may become available. Not all users will have this version available.

Windows also lists at least 10 unresolved bugs. While they seem unrelated, there still may be a common windows function to the MultiTrace software and there are likely to be other unannounced bugs. This problem may resolve on its own and if it does, this advice will be revised, and you may be allowed to continue with windows updates as usual.

RTI is working to identify the exact point(s) of failure and patch the code to restore proper function regardless of the status of Windows. Please check our website software status page for current information and recommendations. If Microsoft does not resolve this issue in a future release, you may be required to upgrade the MultiTrace software in order to continue with the Windows Update program.

How to:

  1. Instructions on how to check the version.
    In the settings window, choose System, then choose About

2. How to block updates for 30 days
In the settings window, choose Updates&Security, then select Windows Update, press the Pause updates for 7 days 4 times

3. How to remove this version and return to an earlier version.
In the settings window, choose Updates&Security then choose Recovery. From that screen press the get started button under “Go back to the previous version of Windows”

4. To permanently block this update:

A) Unplug the computer from the router.

B) Disable Internet access, Local network access allowed.

C) Contact Local IT support and have them block the update (corporate sites only)

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