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Press Release: PCB Pneumatic Fixture Box

Sep, 01 2017
Robson Technologies offers a production use pneumatically actuated test fixture designed to interface with pick & place handlers. It is capable of testing complex PCB modules in a small footprint. This fixture is compact and powerful and can include high-performance pogo pin blocks that laterally contact the sides and bottom of the DUT board. It utilizes multiple guide pins to properly align the DUT to the test bed. When actuated by the pick and place handler, the DUT hovers slightly above the point of contact with the fixture to avoid damage to DUT components. This is one of five similar "universal" fixtures for testing automotive sub-assemblies. 

Customer Design Requirements: 

For use on the production line. Standoff feet below the fixture to give the option whether or not they mounted directly to test table and/or allow clearance for additional hardware. needed each fixture to fit within 400m^3 benchtop space.

Design Features:

  • Clearance above the fixture for pick and place test head. Vacuum held automated test handler. 
  • Center dowel pins align DUT to fixture with clearances for test head
  • All points of contact (pogo blocks) make compression via pneumatics when test begins 
  • Very tight clearances on Z height axis - multiple pin styles with varying C-res available
  • Driver board and hoses/pneumatics built into chassis with room available for additional features (universal)

Overall Benefits: 

Simple and small with high-density contact options. Lateral grip actuation for production environments. 
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