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Press Release: Telecommunications Test Fixture

Oct, 01 2017
Robson Technologies offers fully integrated, benchtop footprint, final-test fixtures solutions for the networking and telecommunications industries. These fixtures feature top and bottom test interfaces including high power spring pin connector savers. These fixtures are designed to test functional sub-assemblies with a variety of board-to-board bed of nails connections at both power supply and specific I/O test points. They include SATA cable to connect SSD hard drives and header connector. They also allow for hardware sub-assemblies and driver boards in the bottom compartment. These fixtures incorporate a custom 208V switch box, dual power receptacles with sensors

Customer Design Requirements:

Accommodate a host board to act as the “driver” board to mate with the DUT after lid is closed and latched. A “lock-out switch” to prevent testing if the cam lid is not engaged. Access to the RJ45 and fiber 10G connectors on the networking board via the front of the fixture.

Design Features:

  • Fine alignment of high power probes acting as power supply contacts between host and DUT boards
  • Pin-based interface contacts a mating connector on the DUT board
  • Floating base tray aligns the DUT to the host board and connectors before lid is closed and locked
  • 208V power distribution box that prevents power from being supplied unless lid is closed and locked
  • High-speed fans and incorporated bezels to maximize airflow for thermal management

Overall Benefits:

Dynamic high power, high precision floating base architecture for high-speed board to board final test.
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