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Press Release: Network Module Test Fixture

Apr, 03 2018


This multi-site benchtop test fixture is designed for burn-in and power testing of networking devices such as switches, firewalls, routers, and other communication devices. Individual power supplies are mounted on the base at the backside and route to power jacks on the front via threaded connectors. The front side includes 16 floating base spring loaded power connectors, 8 GND contacts, and 16 light pipes that route signal lights from the back of each Unit Under Test (UUT) to the face of the fixture. The quick release latches on the front hold the devices in place during test. Each UUT is “ejected’ by the spring force of the floating connectors.


Customer Design Requirements:

Multi-site benchtop test fixture for burn-in and power testing of high-speed network modules. Front latches ensure UUTs are held in place and allow the one-handed use of insertion and ejection without damage to UUT. Power connectors must self-align. Access to RJ45 connectors to the front. Indicator lights on the back of UUT visible on the front of the fixture. Used for power cycling, signal test and GND connector across all units.


Design Features:

  • Spring loaded floating base power blocks supply ample force to eject each UUT
  • Materials used to prevent damage to UUT when inserted or ejected
  • Fiber optic light pipes allow test engineers to see signal lights located on back side of UUT from the front
  • Width of each test site and quick release latches allow one-handed ease of use
  • Compact benchtop footprint can be scaled meet multiple UUT chassis sizes
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