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Product Update: 16 Site Module Test Fixture

Sep, 12 2019


This custom test fixture designed for military and aerospace applications serves two primary functions. First as a soldering/assembly station which aligns tray based modules with flex circuitry to surface mount connectors of choice. Second as a fully functional test fixture with site independent contacts in the fixture base and lid for single or ganged test configurations.
A pad on the topside of each DUT assembly is contacted via a spring pin block incorporated into the lid. 4 position Molex connectors are used on the interface board for each test site.

Product Functional Requirements:

Multi-site benchtop test fixture for PCB panel testing of single up to 16 devices per pass. The fixture is operated in an environmental chamber over the temperature range of f-50C through +90C. One of two fixture lids allows electrical contact to the topside of each DUT while the other allows for assembly and separation of each unit from the panel. A rotary switch is used to switch all required signals as a group when switching between 1 and 16 sites. A 4 pin male connector and BNC connector mounted to the PCB allows access to a PC and oscilloscope.

Design Features:

  • Integrated carrier tray ejector for ease of use
  • Clearance for electrical components in fixture lid and milling tray
  • Sheathed harness between relay board and test fixture
  • Lid with guiding slots for panel separation
  • Custom pin loading available
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