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Curve Trace Test Systems FAQ

Nov, 14 2018

What’s new in curve trace?

RTI is engaged in continuous improvement of the DataTrace Analysis software to add more features in the areas of ease of use, convenience, automation, and data analysis. DataTrace revolutionizes the way we analyze and present curve trace information!

Why would I want Powered Curve Trace?

If you have interest measuring the supply current or how the I/O pins behave in the active powered state, then you need a powered curve trace system.

Are the systems upgradable?

Yes. In most cases, the systems can be increased by adding additional busses to account for higher pin count devices.  Many users choose an entry 100 pin based MT Century benchtop system and as their products’ pin count gets bigger, or the utility of their curve tracing becomes more clear, upgrades will follow.

What kind of support do you offer for the curve tracer?

RTI provides end-to-end support for our automated curve trace test systems and its DataTrace software.  RTI designs and builds every test system and develops the DataTrace software in-house.  We manufacture a wide range of test fixtures, DUT boards and test sockets with FA features in mind that interface directly with each curve tracer. We also provide training and ongoing personalized and detailed support at all levels of usage.

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