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DUT Boards & Daughter Cards

The concept behind Mother Board and Daughter Card solutions is to reduce the cost and time that are needed to produce a PCB.  The idea behind it is to build a generic board (the mother board) with preferred configurations to a desired test platform, so when test engineers need to test a new device, all they have to do is to design and build a smaller PCB (the daughter card), with the socket footprint of the new device on it.  Docking this daughter card to the mother board through a pogo tower, and the hardware is ready to go.

RTI has extensive experience in developing high-quality and reliable MB-DC solutions and testing fixtures in various applications. Here are some samples of what we have done:
  • 950 series Mini cards and Extended Mini Cards
  • RTI Octopogo fixture and DUT Test Boards
  • MultiTrace Adapters for PGA Fixture
  • RTI 384 pin pogo fixture and DUT Boards

RTI has extensive experiences in developing high-quality and reliable testing sockets and testing fixtures in various applications.  We are available to help with your testing needs at

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