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Remote Docking Fixtures

Sometimes you need the device to be located at some distance from the test system primary fixture interface.  In these cases a remote docking cable may be needed.  These cables act like extension cords with a plug at one end and a socket at the other.  They may be simple or complex, low or high pin count.

In the FA lab, the ultimate tool in fault localization is a Camera enabled Microscopy system.  RTI makes Cables and low profile fixtures intended to extend the reach of your test system into the Microscope.  Often equipped with Lasers and sensitive IR cameras these systems detect the faint photon emissions from operating and failed IC devices.  In order to use them, often the device must be powered.
  • RTI offers a variety of remote docking fixture to interface your DUT with the test equipment. 
  • They offers easier access, and allows for remote testing under a microscope interfaces
  • We have standard cable and benchtop breakout boards for our Standard OctaPogo© series DUT Boards
  • We have a standard cable for the MultiTrace PGA-625 Fixture box to third party 96, 384, 512, 768 and more pin fixtures. RTI has developed many complete remote docking solutions, including everything required to interface popular third party test systems.
  • These solutions are semi-custom, meaning we can modify any of them to meet your specific requirements. In most cases these solutions interface to RTI's standard daughter cards and sockets and work with RTI's Curve Trace family.
  • We are continuously adding new solutions, so please call to see if we have already designed an interface solution for your specific requirement. If you are looking for a fixture that is not displayed let us know and we will work with you to build an interface for your equipment! 

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