Pneumatic Test Presses

Benchtop pneumatic test presses use dry compressed air to operate. They are ideal for high volume and multi-site testing of MEMs sensors and multi-chip module devices undergoing electrical, pressure and temperature testing in a single pass.


Pneumatic benchtop presses use a high force piston to activate the lid and provide 100% vertical compression force for ease of use and automation. Pneumatics can also be incorporated into the interface module to activate sensors, buttons, or additional components installed on the UUT. Our bases range in size to fit your bench space and overall test requirements.

We Design Pneumatic Test Presses to Your Needs

Our pneumatic test presses are an automated version of our manual test presses. With a high-force piston using dry compressed air to operate, our pneumatic presses are ideal for high-volume and multi-site testing of MEMs sensors and multi-chip module devices.

Much like our manual presses, pneumatic presses can have a universal base and interchangeable interface modules that are device-specific and built to your test and electrical requirement. Pneumatics can be incorporated into the interface module to activate different components installed on the UUT such as sensors, buttons, and more.

Custom pneumatic test presses are also available and go beyond our standard press models. These presses typically employ custom footprints, gaskets for sealed test environments, RF shielding or faraday cages, and more.

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    PCB Test Fixtures

    High-performance at a compact scale, our PCB test fixtures are built for singular and panelized PCB testing. Fixtures align and contact test points on your UUT(s) then route signals out to connectors of your choice.

    Mechanical Test Press Fixtures

    Manual or pneumatic presses for PCB, hybrid module, and device-level testing. Single-site or multi-site configurations offer rapid device loading and unloading. Test Presses ensure evenly distributed vertical compression force is applied to the UUT.


    When a more customized test solution is required to meet your applications, device(s) and requirements. For PCB-based subassemblies and complex components.

    950 Series Test Fixture

    950 Series is capable of testing topside and backside, including micro-probing, backside emission microscopy, heated sockets for temperature testing, and curve tracing.

    Remote Docking

    Cable based interfaces that sit between your tester and your DUT board allowing you greater flexibility in where your DUT sits on your bench. Ideal for failure analysis, fault localization, or for use under a microscope.

    custom pogo pin blocks

    Pogo Pin Blocks

    Breakout test fixtures typically include a test socket and DUT board that route signals from your DUT to a connector or interface of choice. Transform your dedicated DUT board into a universal motherboard-daughterboard solution with pogo pin blocks that provide a board to board interface.


    Robson Technologies, Inc. interconnects, fixtures and systems are carefully designed, manufactured, inspected, and individually tested prior to shipment. In the unlikely case you find a defect in materials or workmanship, we will promptly repair or replace the component.


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