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Pogo Pin Board-to-Board Interfaces

RTI’s pogo pin board-to-board interfaces transform a complex DUT board or breakout board into a universal motherboard/daughterboard style interface. Standard pin blocks come in varying sizes and incorporate a variety of pin models to support your device and test needs. Most standard pin blocks are a 1-piece design to make service faster and easier.

RTI also builds custom pogo pin blocks that can be modified to accommodate a range of physical and electrical test requirements. Arrays of pogo pin block modules mount to a framework installed on the base PCB of a fixture to interface with your DUT board or load board.

Pogo Pin Interfaces & Blocks

950 Series: 168-Pin Block Interface

Originally designed for use with RTI’s 950 Series test fixture base, this pogo block interface can turn a dedicated break-out board into a motherboard/daughterboard interface.  These pin blocks are compatible with RTI’s 128-Pin mini-cards and extended mini-cards and can reduce your overall cost of test by minimizing future NRE and the need to create dedicated break-out boards for each DUT.

OctoPogo™ Interfaces

Our largest pogo pin interface supports 1152 pins. This interface is built on top of a pogo block and frame system for easier service and maintenance by allowing sections to be rapidly swapped out on the fly preventing downtime. RTI has an extensive library of OctoPogo™ daughter board designs for RTI’s Dedicated and Universal Sockets. This predesign library can eliminate NRE and save you money. 

Pogo Blocks for ATE Interface

RTI makes components for most 3rd party ATE load board docking interfaces such as the Marvin Test Solutions TS-900 series PXI Mainframe and Semiconductor Test Platform and Genasys 5G/LiDAR Test Platform. These interfaces use Pogo blocks with connectors on the back side and mounted in the docking frame base to interface the various PXI cards to the load board.  RTI can make these interface blocks with the spring pin, Coax and Pinned connectors as required for signal integrity and test application.

Custom Pogo Blocks

Pogo blocks for a wide variety of situations are possible in almost any imaginable configuration, Rectangular or polygon or curved pogo blocks are possible for the board to board, board to DUT and Fixture to Board mass connection systems. Contact us with your custom requirements for a test solution and quote.


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