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​RTI Custom Socket Solutions

Custom Socket: A completely unique socket solution offering maximum flexibility in design and performance for complex units under test, including multi-chip-modules and small PCBs. Custom sockets are required when socket design and test requirements are not met by standard solutions.

Typical Applications

  • Kelvin Testing
  • Strip Testing
  • Multi-Site Sockets
  • Liquid Crystal Analysis
  • ESD testing
  • Micro Probing
  • Photo Emission
  • Engineering & Production Test

Typical Devices Under Test

  • Optical Sensors
  • Custom RF Modules
  • Power Modules
  • CCD Packages
  • Military Hybrids
  • Custom LSI Packages
  • Camera Modules Requiring Lenses

Socket Features Can Include:

  • Probe Pitches as small as 0.3mm
  • Custom Footprints & Mounting to Existing Devices
  • Double Sided Test
  • Multiple Lid Styles Available
  • Very Low Profile Lids for Micro Probing
  • Multiple Types of Spring Pins are Available to meet most requirements (Lead-free, low inductance, high force, high current, Kelvin testing, etc.)
  • Open Socket Bases for back-side emission
  • Low-inductance pins for RF characterization and test
  • High force pins for lead free packages
  • Pockets under sockets for component placements
  • Dual side testing
  • Interfaces to Handlers
  • Multi-Site Socket 

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