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“Software is the Instrument”

It’s been said that for an automated instrument like the MultiTrace, the Software is the Instrument and defines the user experience.  RTI takes this philosophy seriously and puts many features in the software to enable efficient operation while you are testing the devices and while you are analyzing the result.  Operators are never required to write code or scripts and all settings are accessible through a logically arranged set of controls.

The MultiTrace software is in continuous development and new features are added regularly.  MultiTrace and MegaTrace owners have the option to subscribe to a software subscription program for a one time buy in price plus an annual renewal.  Please contact RTI if you are an owner of a MultiTrace and would like to update your software.  

Upgrade/refurbish packages are available which include reconditioning of the test system, a new computer controller and a software subscription.  RTI MultiTrace/MegaTrace Software runs on all versions of Windows 32bit versions.  For offline use, the software will run on 64bit Operating Systems.


The MultiTrace software suite consists of a family of programs that work together to operate the hardware and enable Analysis of the curve trace results.  The main programs are called StdTrace, Switch, MTForms, DataTrace, MTFixture and other utility programs.

Features of StdTrace & Switch

StdTrace and Switch work together to actually operate the hardware, StdTrace being the program that controls the Drives (or SMUs) by accepting settings and displaying result data on the graph screen.  Switch is a flexible Switch matrix configuration and status display program.  Users can make connections throughout the switch matrix directly in this program and see the status of all active switches graphically as the test is running.

Features of MTForms

MTForms is a setup wizard type of program and greatly simplifies the configuration of StdTrace and Switch by providing a fill in the blanks templates called Forms.  Users can configure test settings and press a run test button to configure the majority of all needed tests.  Settings can be saved and recalled and put into a sequence that has autosave and autocompare features.  

Features of DataTrace

DataTrace is a data Analysis program that features advanced printing, comparison and data extraction capabilities.  Saved Curve trace files can be opened here for analysis and report writing and contains a large number of new features not previously available in StdTrace and MTForms.  Please see the page for DataTrace for more information

Features of MTFixture​

MTFixture is a utility that helps you make pinmaps and pin names files that are used to configure the switch matrix.  A pinmap defines which pins of tester are active and what pin numbers they are assigned and the pin names file allows user configurable and selectable names for the pins.  The MultiTrace and MegaTrace have highly configurable switch matrixes and having the proper files makes analysis easy.  For example a user can switch between BGA names, Signal names and Pin Type names.

Other utilities are included with the software to enable calibration and continuity checking of the hardware.  RTI can provide support using remote control software to help you learn how to use or diagnose difficulties with your application or the hardware.

Features of Version 5.6

Feature Version 4.3 Version 5.4  Version 5.5 Version 5.6
Availability Old systems, no cost version Obsolete Obsolete Current Version
OS Supported with hardware Win 98, ME, 
16 bit only
Win 7, 8 
32 bit versions
Win 7, 8 
32 bit versions
Win 7, 8, 10
 32 bit versions
OS Supported for offline data analysis (no hardware) Win 98, ME, 
16 bit only
Win 7, 8 
32 and 64 bit versions
Win 7,8
32 and 64 bit versions
Win 7,8,10 32 and 64 bit versions
Major Feature change in MTForms Yes     Updated Unpowered Form Upd  
DataTrace Not Included Not Included Beta Versions   1.0
Major Feature Change in StdTrace        

Note, Version 4.3 was the last version offered by UTI (UltraTest International) the previous manufacturer of the MultiTrace System before RTI’s acquisition in 2008.  

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