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Test Socket Design

RTI makes a very wide selection of test sockets for any device that needs to be tested.  In order to achieve a robust portfolio, we maintain a range of standard and custom design styles.  Explore the following links to see examples of some of our sockets as organized by type:
  • RTI Standard Socket Series: RTI has a range of standard size sockets where cost and NRE are optimized to provide you with the best value.
  • Custom Sockets: Sometimes a device has a very unusual shape such as a fully assembled product module; other times the socket needs to fit in a specific area or operate in a unique situation.  For these situations, a full custom socket can account for all these special needs. 
  • Multi-Site & Strip Sockets: Sockets can hold more than one device and depending on the relative size of the device and socket, many devices may be possible to socket at the same time.
  • Universal Array Sockets: Devices like CSP, WLCSP, BGA and LGA devices have commonalities that allow the implementation of universal sockets.
  • Matched Footprint Sockets: Sometimes you may need a socket that matches a PCB footprint that was designed for a non RTI socket.  In this case, RTI can design a custom footprint socket to match the footprint you need.


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