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Board to Board Interfaces

RTI provides a broad range of solutions for Engineering Test, Characterization & FA for Device Level Products.

Board to board (B2B) test fixtures interface directly through mating connectors, spring pin blocks, or remotely cabled connections.  Board level test fixtures can be as simple as a test socket mounted to a break out board, load board, or evaluation board or as complex as a multiple PCB functional test fixture.  

For ease of use and economy, RTI has several “Standard” PCB formats that go with spring pin interfaces to support device-specific Daughter Cards. These provide a test platform for most IC’s with several hundred pins or less. The device specific Daughter Cards provide for power bypass and isolation capacitors as well as special loading if required. RTI has standardized on 100 pin Yamaichi connectors and IDC headers, however, any customer specific requirements and interface standards can be addressed.


Device level Fixtures are useful for connecting to standard test equipment like Opens/Shorts tester, Curve Tracer, ESD test Systems or RTI's manual switch box. They are also useful in application-specific situations that include functional test and device characterizations experiments.

RTI offers a wide range of both standard and full custom solutions for testing device level products. These solutions are usually configured as single site fixtures, however, we can provide multiple site device level fixtures if required. These small format fixtures have been configured for remote access for use under emission systems. RTI sockets can be designed for either topside or backside device access.

Device level test fixtures are used to test IC devices and small PCB modules. They are most useful when you want to quickly change DUT boards without handling cables.  This type of fixture makes your test setup more durable by reducing cable failures and operator handling variances.  DUT boards clamp onto the pogo block base and the electrical signals are transferred to the fixture board to the cables and ultimately tour test system.v

RTI can also provide controlled temperature environments within the confines of the fixture with a local backside or topside mounted heater and RTI temperature controller. Lower temperatures can be addressed using TEC devices and controllers.

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