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By DUT Package Type

RTI makes a very wide selection of test sockets and fixture solutions for any device that needs to be tested.  Different device packages have different requirements when it comes to sockets.  Explore the following links to see examples of some of our sockets as organized by DUT package type.

Device packages can be broken down into a number of groups based on general attributes:
  • Packaged and Die Level IC: Most devices we make sockets for are either packaged IC devices which are encapsulated in plastic with an integrated metal interconnect system or their smaller counterparts; Chip scale (WLCSP/CSP) which are essentially Die Level products with interconnect bumps but no plastic molding otherwise. 
  • PCB/ Modules: We also make a lot of sockets of small modules built up on PC Boards.  This page explores some examples of packages and sockets in this category.
  • MEMs: Micro-electromechanical devices have special structures inside that allow them to sense the world around them.  Some sense position, others sense pressure or acceleration.  This section explores some RTI solutions that go beyond Sockets and lids 
  • WLCSP: Wafer level or Chip Scale products have little or no plastic encapsulate around the die.  The chip itself is the package with integrated passivation and interconnect bumps.  These devices resemble tiny BGA devices but generally have smallest pitches and low pin count.  This page explores these special needs and the solutions that RTI provides. 


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