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Floating Plate & Non Floating Plate Sockets


Regardless of design or size, RTI sockets often divide into two types: non floating base and Floating plate sockets

Non Floating Base Sockets:  

This is the simpler type of socket design used for QFN, LCC and other packages with pins flat and flush with the bottom surface.  

  • Lower cost design with 2 machined components
  • The spring pins are retained in the base by the top plate plate and protrude into the pocket a fixed distance decided by design.
  • The top plate defines the device pocket DxExA dimensions of the device  
  • This type of socket aligns the device in the pocket by the edges of the package.  
  • For small packages Poor tolerance can affect the ability to locate the pons for optimal contact

Floating Base Sockets:

This type of socket is slightly more complex and is used for most bumped devices such as BGA, CSP and WLCSP.
  • Design uses 3 machined components
  • An Additional Floating plate is positioned over the tips of the spring pins at the bottom of the device pocket
  • Devices are first aligned by having the balls rest in pockets in the floating plate, when the lid is closed; the device is lowered along with the floating plate onto the spring pins while keeping the balls securely aligned in the ball pockets over the spring pins.  This action ensures superior alignment of the pins over the contact.
  • Viable for designs pitch down to 0.25mm pitch (250 um)

Test Socket Solutions We Have Developed In The Past:

  • Strip Testing of CSP and LLP Packages
  • Kelvin Testing (two probes per pkg. pins)
  • Optical Packaged Devices
  • Hearing Aids
  • Implant Medical Hybrids
  • RF Modules and Devices Over 10Ghz
  • Multi-Chip Modules
  • Silicon-on-Silicon
  • Packages With Test Pads on Both Top & Bottom
  • Packages Mounted on 35mm Flex Circuits
  • Hybrids
  • Sockets With Heat Sinks and Other Mechanical Obstructions
  • Sockets With Internal Filter Caps or Other Passive or Active SMT Devices

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