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Test Socket Lids

A socket lid is required for use with your test socket unless you are using an actuator to make the contact force between the device under test and the contact set. RTI’s lids can be customized with the addition of thermocouples, heating or cooling blocks, built-in connectors to contact the top side of your DUT, adjustment knobs for ease of use with high pin count devices, relief cutouts, and more.
  • Quick-swap lid designs 
  • Low profile architecture
  • Floating pressure plates to ensure contact sets are not over compressed 
  • Inclusion of RF connectors or contact set to test both top and bottom of your device
  • Low angle openings for light sources not directly over your DUT 
  • Full visibility of WLCSP’s and bare die packages using RTI Transparent Lids
  • Copper Heatsink + Air cooling 
  • Device level water cooling blocks
RTI's test sockets for benchtop use are not complete without a lid. Similar to the socket bodies, lids can be tailored to fit your specific device access and environmental considerations during test. Some socket lids can include active components or connectors for simultaneous topside and backside device contacts, or cutouts for clearance of onboard device components. RTI's socket lids are dynamic in that a single test socket body can accept multiple lid designs. Simply change the lid style and watch as your socket changes from a Failure Analysis test socket to a Low Volume Engineering or Production Test  socket . Use the same socket for all of your testing needs by quickly and easily switching out your lid!
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