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Standard Test Sockets

RTI designs and manufactures a selection of standard test sockets. We have optimized our manufacturing processes to ensure the most efficient production and the best prices for our customers. These test sockets can be custom-tailored to your device and application requirements.
Our custom test sockets have standard footprints that define the area used, the mounting hole locations, and the guide pin location. We can customize the cutout (or pocket) where the device sits, as well as the locations of the spring pins to correspond to the needs of your device. We can also regulate device thickness and provide different types of spring pins to optimize performance.

Test Socket Construction 

Test Pins, Spring Pins & Pogo Pins

RTI has a major advantage over many companies that manufacture test pins. We can select test pins from several qualified manufactures to meet most electrical requirements. In many cases, we design our own test socket pins to meet our customers’ specifications and quality standards.
Most of our test sockets are designed to accommodate a variety of test pin styles. We can provide pins for:
  • High current
  • Lead-free
  • Low inductance
  • High frequency
  • Different pitches
  • Different lengths
  • and other features

Additional Test Socket Materials

We utilize a variety of materials to meet your custom test socket requirements. Standard materials include ESD PEEK, Torlon, Semitron, Ultem, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and more. We can also manufacture sockets using materials that will meet other non-standard requirements.

Standard Socket Design Exhibit:


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