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Universal Array Sockets

RTI’s universal array test sockets are a cost-effective solution when tests need to be performed on multiple package sizes within the same ball pitch. Available pitches range 0.4mm through 1.27mm.

The first step is for the customer to purchase a socket body with the largest array size and most common pitch they anticipate testing. This impacts the ultimate versatility of the socket, as multiple packages of smaller arrays with the same pitch can be used in the same socket base.  Next, inexpensive aluminum alignment plates and FA lids are purchased for each package type to be tested. These align each package to the unchanging Pin1 in the upper left corner.

Universal, clip-on, adjustable lids specific to socket size are also available. These lids do not have an open top, but allow for the rapid switching of packages by removing the need to unscrew the FA lid to gain access to the package.

Array Socket Features

  • The adjustable clip-on lid and easily removable alignment plate make switching between package types a quick and easy process.
  • All sockets use the same footprint with pin A1 in the same physical location relative to the alignment pins of the socket. This allows for “universal daughter cards” to be used.
  • Multiple array sizes are available for each pitch.
  • Custom sizes & centered patterns are also available.
  • The alignment plate and lid can be used on any array that has the minimum required number of pins. Example: A 14x14 array alignment plate and lid can be used on a socket of appropriate pitch and array 14x14 or larger.
  • Multiple lids for the same socket may be required depending on package thickness.
  • For smaller pitch packages, multiple alignment plates may be required depending on distance from package edge to center of nearest solder ball.

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