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Counterfeit IC Detection

Counterfeit ICs have become a problem in the modern market.  All sorts of companies that handle IC devices are affected by this trend:  
  • OCM have to handle fallout from devices people think are theirs but are not.
  • OEMs need to screen parts and eliminate them from stock so they do not use them and compromise the reliability of their products.  
  • IC Distributors need to ensure that the parts they sell to their customers are good quality and not counterfeit.  They have a legal and economic reason to supply good parts.
MultiTrace Curve Tracers are highly flexible for IC characterization.  Often designed specifically for the task of characterizing loose IC devices, they offer the best balance between precision and flexibility.
  • They feature configurable multi channel switch matrixes which allow for a wide variety of test conditions to provide flexibility for a wider range of devices
  • They have multiple SMU (Source Measure Units) so that in addition to obtaining an I-V signature, they can provide multiple other bias voltage or current to devices allowing for testing in the powered up state
  • The measurements that are obtained are generally high precision and allow for screening devices to a much tighter tolerance, accuracy and repeatability.
  • Since they are designed for this task, the software is much better optimized for configuring all these various test conditions and analyzing the piles of data that can be produced

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