Video Transcript

The 750 model measures in about 5 and a half inches wide by about 7 inches deep. Although this size may change depending on if your interface module extends beyond those regions.

In the past, we’ve added test sites and  boards around the outside and extended the top of the lid. This pin count is probably in the couple of hundreds. Anything larger, and we need to go to a bigger model.

The device-specific interface module incorporates a floating base design. So that the device will align the leads above the pogo pins before the actuation force is made. The entire module can test many devices at the same time and sit in the fixture base snuggly.

Device is loaded. The lid rests just above the device,  and then makes the vertical compression force. And we can route these pin signals to any connector type. Even through the lid and contact the device on both sides if necessary.

This is great for smaller electronic modules or even multiple chips.